P3M launches ValueViewer at EVM World

P3M launches ValueViewer at EVM World

P3M Solutions is presenting ValueViewer, an extension of BRMTool, at the EVM World conference in Ft Lauredale, Florida, from May 30 to June 01 2018. EVM (Earned Value Management) World is an annual conference that focus on performance management and EVM in particular. Most participants and speakers come from industries like aerospace, defense, etc., where the use of EVM is a pre-requisite for bidding.

ValueViewer is a powerful dashboard designed to assess the value of a project portfolio. It provides information on return of the overall investment in the portfolio, split between operational and strategic projects VS pre-defined targets. It also presents information on investment and return of projects by different criteria: project stage, performance, delivery and benefits risk.

With drill down capabilities, ValueViewer replaces the obsolete and endless list of projects, which is not a true dashboard, which executives use to assess individual projects, losing sight of the overall portfolio. ValueViewer presents the information at the portfolio level, navigating to lists of projects that meet a certain condition (i.e. postponed projects that have an expected return of more than the hurdle rate) and from there to project level status report, where executives can see the details behind the project.

ValueViewer can function either as an extension of BRMTool or as a stand alone app that can be populated from the organizations PPM tool or even from an Excel file.

Send as an email to info@p3msolutions.org for more information and to request a free trial.