BRMTool – is an innovative solution that incorporates benefits realization management into the execution of corporate strategy, to maximize benefits from projects and programs

This application supports the concept Earned Benefits, through the use of top-down portfolio management, which captures relative contributions of projects and programs to business results. 

Benefits Realization Management Tool provides capabilities for:

  • Visibility of your investments: where your chips are and what return you are getting, sliced by stage, performance and risk
  • Top-down estimates of benefits from projects, based on their contribution to strategic business outcomes
  • Traditional/bottom-up estimates for benefits, for operational projects
  • Assessment of risk, both delivery and benefit risk
  • Creation of a benefits plan, based on impact of projects on KPIs

BRMTool: the application that supports Earned Benefits Management   

BRMTool is the only application that has the functionality to support Earned Benefits, the extension of Earned Value Management (EVM) into the area of Benefits Realization Management (BRM). The calculation of Earned Benefits is based on the time when initiatives are expected to deliver their output, usually in the form of capabilities, which in turn contribute to business outcomes that realize into benefits. BRMTool has graphical modeling capabilities to project the benefits into the future, based on the timeline of the initiatives and the contributions to each one of the business outcomes. As the timeline of projects changes (projects are postponed or take longer), the timing and expected benefits are adjusted. BRMTool also records actual benefits and actual cost, completing the three variables needed for Earned Benefit Management.